I have a Nail Polish subscription.  Every month, I get nail polish delivered to my house.  I thought it would encourage me to girlify myself more.  As an engineer, sometimes you need to wear a hypothetical neon sign that says “NOT A MAN” to remind your co-workers.   Nail Polish serves that purpose and is just one subscription option, but product subscriptions are all the rage.  There are food subscriptions and beauty subscriptions and men’s and kids’ subscriptions.  The joy in it is simply to have a present pre-selected and waiting for you at the door when you come home.  Ignore the fact that a charge shows up on your credit card bill  – those are really insignificant details.   

Presents at the door are fun, but I actually enjoy shopping for cosmetics.  If I’m not able to exhaust my estrogen in retail therapy, then the estrogen accumulates and simmers and bubbles over into tears and irrational emotion. 

But what about having groceries delivered?  I really find it a rude interruption of the day to go to the store.  And I can take FOR-EVER because I get easily distracted by endcap promotions and unique attire choices of neighboring patrons.  I recently signed up for a Greenling Local Box.  Greenling is an all online ordering, home delivery service for local & organic groceries. It is totally customizable. The Local Box is similar to a CSA, but supports multiple farmers and no subscription is required.  It’s like dating and you get to say “don’t call me, I’ll call you.”

Greenling was founded by a Chemical Engineer from UT Austin (my alma mater) and you already know that when you combine an Engineer and Food, it results in wonderful things!!! 😉

I LOOOOOOOOVE having organic and local produce delivered to my door regularly!!  First, there’s no committment or contract or fees.  Second, I simply decide what to cook based on what’s in my Local Box.  Third, it encourages me to take 15 minutes on Sunday to MEAL PLAN.  I can even order extras that I want to ADD to my box so I don’t have a to make a wasteful trip to the store to buy ricotta.   Finally, if I don’t know how or what to cook, the delivery always comes with a list of recipes featuring ingredients from my Local Box that week.

I am pleased to announce that I am now a contributing blogger for Greenling.  I will be posting recipes based on what I find in my Local Box on Greenling Recipes, so make sure you bookmark that site too!

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of me!!!  😉

*Greenling has not requested or suggested that I write this post.  It’s a product and service I believe in!  Check it out!

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