1.  Slip On Pour Spout, $5.00, Amazon

I should have had this spills ago.

2.  Squirt Baby Food Dispenser, $23.99, Amazon

Any been-there-done-that Mom will be jealous of New Moms with this tool.  If I didn’t look ridiculous using one of these, I’d buy it for me.

3.  Sippy Cup Wine Glass vino2go, $15, TheProductFarm.com

You’re the mom that drinks. Just own the title already.  **This is not a to-go cup for your car.  No roadies.  I just wanted to say it, before I get sued.**

4.  Contigo Autoseal Kangaroo Water Bottle, $12.65, Amazon

An aussie water bottle.  If only it came with an accent.

5.  Take out menu organizer, $14.82, Amazon

I know the junk drawer isn’t supposed to be organized, but this kind of makes me want to.  I would be able to make room for more keys that don’t open anything, more dead batteries, and more pens that don’t have ink left in them.

6.  Reusable Sandwich Bags, $16 – $20, Etsy and Amazon

It’s weird.  But it exists.  And you kind of wants a few now, doncha?

7.  Water bottle with infuser, $16, Amazon

Excuse the fact that they chose to infuse their water with Weed.  You should choose a more responsible ingredient…like strawberries.


8. Candy Dispenser, $20, Kohl’s

I’m getting this for our office White Elephant party because I know whoever wins is in my ‘hood anyway.

9.  Turntable Kitchen Subscription, $25/month

Subscriptions are all the rage right now.  Beauty boxes by the month, Nailpolish of the month, Coffee of the month.  Here’s one that schools all of the rest: 

Food meets Music.  This is magical.  Just magical.

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