Whoa…it’s been like a month since I’ve last blogged.  Did you forget about me?  You should.  Since we last talked, I messed up Rice Krispies Treats, a project that most people master by the age of 7.  I somehow missed how to form squares using using marshmallow goo. 

But you’re here now, so I might as well share some stuff from this week.  I was working in Houston last week.  (This day job really gets in the way of more important things like Blogging and Margaritas and Accessory Acquisition)  As you can tell by my frequency of blogging, I don’t exactly depend on rabbitfoodrocks to pay bills…unless it is a bill for one Subway footlong sandwich. 

I decided to stay at my parents’ house in Houston for the week.   

And so it begins:

“When are you coming?”
“When are you leaving?”
“What time do you need to get to work?”
“What time are you coming back?”
“What will you eat?”
“Are you having dinner with us?”
“What will you have for lunch?”
“Why didn’t you bring a jacket?”
“Why are you wearing heels?”
“Don’t you need to leave soon?”
“What do you do again???”

…and of course there is an extension of questioning from each of these questions, until it begins to form into a giant Banyan tree of questioning.  Imagine 32.8-year-old me at my parents’ house.  If I could tell my 15-year-old self that the interrogation will continue for life, I could have saved myself a lot of energy.

But there were perks of this trip: 

  • I was greeted with the surround sound version of “good morning” and “how was your day?” in the morning and in the evenings. 
  • I got hot homemade cinnamony oatmeal in the mornings.  And I was not allowed to get up until I finished everything.
  • We took walks around the park near our house but now my legs are longer than theirs.  I didn’t realize that I would lap them twice.
  • I drove us to go out to dinner one night. They were kind enough to instruct me how to drive and where to park.
  • I got to carpool with my Dad to work but this time we did not talk about declining Calculus scores.  And instead of listening to AM radio he said “let’s listen to music!”

Who are you guys??
or maybe the question is Who am I????

I forgot how parents show love: By behaving exactly the same way that I left them.

(no food or recipe* this week, but thanks for reading!  Lots of good eats this spring!) 

*Please note that I have added a recipe index at the top of my page in almost exactly the same font color as the background for ease of visibility.  I should totally pursue my talent in Advertising.*