Chef Edward Perea has me smitten and Owner Carrie Kelleher has me gushing over her Coffee House Cafe.
We’ve driven by it many times in Far North Dallas.  It was always “on the way” to running an errand, but we never had a moment to try it out.  Located on the shy corner of Frankford and Preston, the Coffee House Cafe finally greeted me on a Sunday morning.  I was completely relaxed and in no hurry and just looking forward to a good cup of coffee with my honey.

We scanned the menu expecting an ordinary breakfast/brunch menu, which I don’t mind, but instead I saw sporadic suprises, like their Breakfast Flatbreads, Signature Lemon Ricotta Pancakes or Chipotle Migas.  Meanwhile you can still find an upgrade version of your classic favorites such as a 3-Bean Breakfast Burrito or Challah French Toast.

We ordered the 3-Bean Breakfast Burrito, the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, the Garden Fresh Vegetable Omelette, and a small Latte.  We also got a tall glass of young and handsome Dawson for free – our ever-smiling outstanding server, who I tasked with the impossible like “Find out who sings this song” when my Shazam didn’t work.  Dawson will remind you what good table service should be. 

We were thrilled with EVERYTHING we ordered.  Aren’t I an excellent orderer?  No, really all credit to the Chef.  Presentation was pretty, including the foam heart made to top my Certified Organic and Free-Trade Mocha Latte.  I think the Barista likes me.  Am I reading too much into it?  Maybe it was just a swirl, but it was lovely while it lasted.

I won’t go into the flavor profile of this or the textural balance of that.  You just need to go and assess it yourself.  We have already been back!

But I’m not done yet!  What they have perfected is unprecedented in Dallas.  The Patio.  How do you make a Patio work in this Texas heat?  They’ve done it, they’ve done it well, and I can’t imagine them do it better.  I want my dream house to have this patio.  And for the winter months which seem so far ahead right now?  Don’t worry – they’ve got a fireplace.

And And And….The Coffee House Cafe is far from just being a Coffee House.  Although breakfast is served all day, it’s open for lunch, dinner, and drinks.  The giant pastry and coffee bar morphs into the neighborhood bar.

Uptowners, enjoy your usual long lines and rude waitstaff.
Burbs, you’re welcome.

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