When he offered to publish a rabbit food rocks guest post on his site, I almost crapped my pants. 

It was a reminiscent feeling of middle school, when I had a crush on a guy and he didn’t know who I was and then one day suddenly he says….[insert drumroll]  “Hi.”  And then for days I had my head in the clouds instead of listening to the lesson about probability…although, I had just learned what the probability of one in a million felt like.

Michael Natkin knows who I am?  He acknowledged me in cyberspace.  I feel…cool. 

When I first started a vegetarian blog, I did some benchmarking to see what other sites were out there. 

And then I saw Michael’s all vegetarian site, Herbivoracious, and I felt slightly defeated.  Who can compete with such beautiful pictures, unique signature recipes, flawless recipe writing, and charm?  His food IQ is top notch and of course, he’s a dude.  This is engineering school all over again!

Fortunately, the blogging community is not a ruthless corporate competition and many people, like Michael, only encourage their peers.  Michael, one of my favorite tweeps, has always been really friendly, and maintains outstanding composure against the most brutal cynics of vegetarianism. 

I am anxiously awaiting his upcoming cookbook, Herbivoracious, on shelves this May! Please peruse his site and compelling story on how he came to be a vegetarian, blogger, and published cookbook author…all while fulfilling his day job duties of being a corporate software engineer.  He is the poster child grown-up of “finding your calling”.

…oh yeah…and check out my guest post and Kala Chana (Black Chickpea Curry) recipe on his site! 🙂