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I am finally sharing pictures from our last Patio Brunch, and as usual, it’s my favorite day of the year…maybe? Almost?  Um, of COURSE!  I know it’s hot as Magma out there now, so there’s no Backyard Brunching going on for a while here in Texas.   But you can still do this in the fall and spring next year.  But, all of you north of  the Mason Dixon line can still host one this summer.

A shout out to Roshni Merchant, my official Patio Brunch photographer.  She hasn’t missed one yet.  And she’s known me since I was 8, so she will tell me how it is.  ”Amee, we will make it work.”  ”Amee, No.”  ”Amee, your coffee.”  😀

This year, I had a LOT of help to make this event come together without disaster.  I am super grateful that all of them wanted to help.

This time I had a sous chef, Riddhi, working with me until midnight the night before, I had Roshni and others at the house early in the morning, and I also got a great deal renting some patio furniture and linens from a moderately shady ad on Craigslist.  I was just HOPING he would show up that morning with the furniture as discussed.  And the most help was having my in laws watch the kids overnight so we could work all morning!


Patio Brunch

Greek Menu

(Menu Inspiration and Recipe Links are at the end of this post)

Greek Yogurt Bar

Yiourti Me Meli (Greek Yogurt Bar: Yogurt served with chopped Dates, Pistachios, Local Honey, and Cinnamon)


Greek Village Salad

Eggplant Dip
Melitzanosalata Crostini
(Eggplant dip toasts)
Boureki Style Skillet2
Santorini Sunrise Cocktail (alcoholic)
 Rosemary Lemon Spritzer (non alcoholic)  –  Top with ouzo if desired
The Best Homemade Baklava  (Courtesy of my MIL!)  – missing a photo of this unfortunately!  🙁
Mini activities for the kids and toddlers

Mini activities for the kids and toddlers  – (psst*  michael’s dollar bins and target dollar bins)


Setup was entirely executed by my crew. All credit to them!



We just used the spritzer bottles for table settings. And the flowers were on clearance at Kroger. Yesssss…!



Yiourti Me Meli (Greek Yogurt Bar: Yogurt served with chopped Dates, Pistachios, Local Honey, and Cinnamon)

Horiatiki (Greek Village Salad)

(Eggplant dip toasts)

Greek 7 Layer Dip

(i made it with hummus, tzaziki, …and then at 11pm the night before I was like “uhhhh what are my other 5 layers?”  I just used 3 bell peppers and lots of herbs and scallions! Done!  Plus, who’s REALLY counting, right?

Spanakopita (costco frozen section!)

Santorini Sunrise Cocktail (alcoholic)

Rosemary Lemon Spritzer (with Ouzo if desired)

Coffee (also a big hit – Starbucks French Roast from Costco)

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