Look at me!  I’m all grown up.  I’ve got a domain, and a logo, and a background.  Whoa.

It almost looks like i make money off of this thing.   It’s kind of like wearing a really nice suit to an interview when in actuality you have only $100 in your bank account.  Go ahead and ooh and aahh and stroke the fabric of My Prada website.

There’s no other way to celebrate grownupness, than with a fabulous recipe for alcohol.

Limoncello is one of my favorite favorite things to make and I make it every year except last year.  Boo.  I broke my Limoncello streak.  🙁

The general formula is [(Lemons + Alcohol)*(14 days)] + (Water + Sugar) = Coastal Italian Nectar Goodness

If you appreciate my use of PLEASE EXCUSE MY DEAR AUNT SALLY, then pls post a comment.

So for years, people have insisted that this should be made with Everclear.  If you haven’t had Everclear before, it’s found in trashcan punch in university dorms and frat houses across the nation.  It’s, in a word, disgusting.  It secretly deteriorates the protective epidermis of your internal organs, 1 micron at a time, one sip at a time, until one day, you innocently sip some milk and can’t handle the burn.

That really makes you excited to send your child to college, right?  You’re welcome.

Every year, I’ve obediently made it with Everclear, altering the formula somehow, but it’s always too harsh, no matter what.  So this year, I defied the World Wide Web and I made Limoncello with vodka.  Vodka is an innocent cuddly fuzzy puppy next to Everclear.  And you know what?  People LIKE vodka.  So this is what my final formula is for Limoncello…

You should start making it THIS WEEKEND!!!




I don’t recommend Tito’s Vodka for this, but it does the job. Look for a vodka with higher alcohol content.


Zest the lemons using a peeler, not a zester. Try not to remove the pith (white part), only yellow. This is a segregated recipe.

Pour it ALL in.  You need an airtight jar

Pour it ALL in. You need an airtight jar

Let it sit in a dark place.  And wait.  Visit often.

Let it sit in a dark place. And wait. Visit often.

Limoncello Packaging



10 lemons

750 ml Vodka (no less than 80 proof (minimum 40% alcohol)) – go for a higher alcohol content for this recipe!

2.25 cups water

1.25 cups sugar



1.  Zest the lemons using a PEELER, not a zester.  Using a zester (microplane) will take an extra hour of your life that you won’t get back.  When peeling, be careful not to peel off the pith (the white parts).  No white, only yellow.  Yeah – it’s about to get racial.  The white pith will add a bitterness to the limoncello that you don’t want.

2.  Combine Vodka and Lemon zest in a large glass jar with a clamp lid.  Leave it in a dark place (pantry?) for at least 2 weeks, or 3 weeks (better), if you have that time.  Visit your jar regularly, like a houseplant.  Talk to it, and give it a little shake everyday.  Or, hold the jar, do a little dance, and then go back to your usual.

3.  After 2 or 3 weeks, strain the zest from the vodka using a fine mesh sieve.  The zest should come out yellow and “crisp”, which means that the alcohol has done all it can do.  The higher the alcohol content of the vodka, the better it will taste and the faster it will infuse!

4.  Mix sugar and water in a saucepan over medium-high heat until sugar has dissolved and then cool to room temperature.  Add it to the vodka and mix well.

5. You can store this in a pretty bottle (from any craft store) or divide them into smaller bottles.  I found a few at the nearest craft store)

6. Serve chilled. Enjoy!