I LOOOOOOOVE our annual patio brunch!  It’s my most favorite day of the year…more than my birthday!!  It’s always a great chance for everyone to catch up on a lazy Sunday and the weather has always been fanTAStic!  Thanks, mother nature!

This year, our patio brunch fell on Cinco de Mayo so it was only fitting that we have a tex-mex theme.

Thanks to my friend Roshni who photographs every patio brunch for me so beautifully.  My sister in law was my sous chef and also helped me decorate.  I hope this inspires you to entertain with brunch!!  Who says no to brunch?

4th Annual Patio Brunch Menu
Mexican Hot Chocolate (crockpot)
Churros (Costco)
Chips and Salsa
Veggie Chorizo Mini Quiches in phyllo cups
Strawberries & Bananas (o Fresas y Platanos?)
Biscuits and Poblano “Gravy” (Biscuits & Queso) –> these were a big hit!
Refried Black Beans
Sombrero Cookies (as seen on Pinterest!)

Some stuff to partner those tortilla chips!

Veggie Chorizo and Egg Mini Quiches:
5 eggs + 1/2 cup of veggie chorizo makes 45 mini quiches
Put 1/2 Tablespoon in each phyllo cup
Bake at 350 for 14 mins.
(Phyllo cups are storebought – Athens brand)
Me.  Setting up and posing.  Pretending there’s not a zoo of a mess in my kitchen.  lol.
Here I’m stirring Poblano pepper queso which is storebought uber-processed Velveeta-like cheese.
I charred Poblano Peppers on the grill, diced them, and added them to the queso crockpot with milk.

It must be said “I saw it on Pinterest.”  I used the vanilla Oreos. (which are so good on their own by the way!)
My attempt at Chilaquiles.  Not the best of the menu, but it was fun to say “CHI-LA-QUI-LES!!!” all morning!
I made the red sauce using onions, garlic, 28 oz diced tomatoes, chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.
I fried the tortillas to make these chips the night before.  Cook the sauce, then add the chips and the eggs. Add tabasco or Chalula for heat.
This table really needed some produce which is why the bananas and strawberries look so out of place.  Ha!

Charring Poblano Peppers for the “Gravy”

Store-bought frozen biscuits – thanks Kroger!!! These were AMAZING.
We open the biscuit, add refried black beans in the middle, cover it with Poblano queso, and go to town!

Costco.  $1 each!  They are HUGE.  We cut each one into thirds. 10 feeds 30 people EASY.  

Mexican Hot Chocolate in a Slow Cooker (Crock Pot):  1:2 ratio of semi-sweet chocolate chips to milk.  Add several cinnamon sticks and a few pinches of ancho chili powder.