I cannot wait to see what happens!!

I know that many of you are loyal fans to the show and for the season finale, you MUST have a Breaking Bad Theme Party!

Let’s Cook.

Here’s the [vegetarian] menu:

Jesse’s Blue Skyy Cocktail
1 part Skyy Vodka; 1 part peach schnapps; 3 parts 7-up

Gus’ Paella (Ricin Tomatoes)
Mark Bittman’s Paella recipe
Skylar’s Birthday Eggs & Bacon
(we used morningstar imitation bacon and omg I couldn’t even eat it because it was sooooo close to the smell and taste of the real deal)
Marie’s Purple Cauliflower
(I had to serve SOMETHING purple, and Michael Natkin’s roasted purple cauliflower was a perfect choice)
Mini Veggie Heisenburgers
(you can use any storebought burgers you like; we chose Ciabatta rolls)
Hank’s Schraderbrau Beer
(just a little copy and paste action)
Los Pollos Hermanos Chicken Tenders
(we bought Trader Joe’s Veggie Chicken Tender strips)
Better-Call-Saul…ted Caramel and Chocolate Chip Cookies