If a dinner party for 8 or 10 sounds overwhelming, try making dinner for 6.  I found it to be a very manageable number.  For this dinner I tried an Indian-Inspired 3-course Dinner and I think you’ll really enjoy this! It’s fancy-SOUNDING, but it’s EASY!!!

Here’s the menu, so stay with me for the rest of the week and I’ll be posting Recipes and Pictures.

Beer Flight (Beer Tasting) with Cocktail Snacks
First Course (Salad):
Second Course (Entree):
Spice Crusted Tofu Fillets over Saffron-Cashew Quinoa
Third Course (Dessert):



Starter: Beer Flight (Beer Tasting) with Cocktail Snacks

SPECs has a very nice beer selection and you can opt for getting 1 of the large (~24oz) bottles of each; it easily serves 6 small tastings.  This was also a task I could delegate to my husband and he executed it very well!  These were his selections in this order:

(1) Le Merle Saison (North Coast Brewing)
(2) Abbey Ale (St. Bernardus Brewery)
(3) Stone Cali-Belique IPA (Stone Brewing Company)
(4) Nommo Dubbel (Boulevard Brewing Company)


Forget trying to go back to normal beer after that.  These are delicious.

Cocktail snacks were Roasted Chickpeas, Chevro (Indian Chex Mix), and Archer Farms Cheese Straws

Stay tuned for the First Course, coming up in my next post!