I don’t really celebrate Halloween.  I’m never creative or timely with costume planning.  I probably subconsciously avoid Halloween because of the unflattering suggestions I get from others in reference to tall skinny aliens.  “You should be that girl Avatar!” or “You should be Olive Oyl!”
Instead, I stay at home to be subservient to expected trick or treaters.  That itself is an experience.  The first two hours are great because these are the itty bitty cutesy trick or treaters ushered by parents.  These toddlers are just exercising their motor skills and coordination for the first time and maneuvering in their itchy uncomfortable costumes.  When you combine tulle, plastic, and polyester, I expect tears but instead they smile with teeny square teeth and barely utter “twick oh tweet”.
Then you have the 4 and five year olds.  They approach with confidence and determination while their parents stand at curbside while texting their bff.  Um, hey iMom, wanna pay attention?  I might confiscate your son and Siri won’t tell you where he is.
The rest of the kids usually wear oversized plastic masks over their face containing a nice thick humid atmosphere of what I suspect is a combination of milky breath and cheetos particles.
Finally, as the hour approaches 8 or 9, the adolescent zombies arrive 98% inexplicably confident and 2% mildly embarrassed that I might actually ask them “What are you dressed as?”  If you drove to my house to trick or treat, you shouldn’t be here.  This year I’m thinking of posting a sign that says “Must be this short to trick or treat.”  And young lady, that is not a costume.  That’s red underwear pulled over fishnet stockings.  A 16 year old girl dressed as a prostitute.  Now, that IS scary.  I guess you’re at least adhering to the theme of Halloween.  Now I need to drink so I can ponder and reconsider procreating.
Frieda’s sent me a big box of spooky Halloween-themed and their products are readily available.  I can find all of these items at my Kroger store, but you can find their products almost anywhere!   I used a Kiwano melon for my Halloween-themed martini.
It’s super spiky and capable of mild injury, so don’t hug it!  Isn’t it cool!?!?
You can buy these just about anywhere in season during Sept/Oct/Nov
Green Slime Martini
A kiwano melon has a mild lime and cucumber flavor – perfect for a Halloween cocktail!  This drink tastes really really good!

1 ripe kiwano melon
3 oz ginger root beer
1 oz vodka
1 peeled rambutan for garnish

1.  Cut the kiwano melon in half and give it a gentle squeeze to release the pulp.  I must stress gentle because the outer shell of a kiwano is very spiky!  Don’t puncture yourself!
2.  Put 1 ounce of pulp in a martini glass.  Put the root beer and vodka over ice in a small shaker.  Give it a gentle shake, occasionally opening to release air from the root beer carbonation.
3.  When chilled, add to martini glass.  Add a rambutan for “eyeball” garnish.
The Hellraiser of fruits: Rambutan.   The meat of the fruit tastes like a mix between a grape and a lychee
Garlicky Halloween Orange Cauliflower Rice
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