Once upon a time, you might have reached into a dusty box in the garage and uncovered some trinkets and personal belonging that meant something to you one day.  It might have been a handwritten letter from a relative, a photo of you and some classmates, a ticket stub, a small gift someone gave you.  There were some people who were acquaintances to you – a mere thread in the tapestry of your life.  But for whatever reason, they might have etched a small but permanent impression in your memory.  And then, there are people that are very close to us at some point and after building memories, our lives diverged for various reasons: differences/interests, geography, greater responsibilities/priorities, or it just happened.  Life. 

 You might look at some of these belongings and say “What ever happened to him/her?”  “I wonder what they are up to now?”  You can ask questions but you won’t get answers.  It was once upon a time. What is our past remains our past.  You can’t recover history. 

Until now.

For the first time, we can fold time onto itself.  We can reach into that box called Past and take something back out.  Someone who was a part of your past can be a part of your present.  But, fortunately, only if you want to. 

I reconnected with my good friend from middle school.  It had to be 20 years since Manisha and I talked.  I think one year we had almost every class together…U.S. History, Pre-algebra, Life Science, English, etc.  I don’t know what triggered my memory of her, but I searched her name on facebook.  I sent her a long message saying that I regret not staying in touch with her.  I told her what I remembered about her/us.  I gave her a 10-sentence synopsis of my last 2 decades.  I omitted obvious developments that had taken place since then, such as “I got my period” and “I have crows feet around my eyes”.  Hoped to hear back from her, but not expected.

Not only did we reconnect and exchange several messages on facebook, but I got to meet her in person.  Though I’m in Dallas and she’s in New York, we both happened to be in the same city at the same time.  I have to admit I had a little flutter in my heart…like the feeling you might have before a date…a good one. 

And the moment we saw each other at Starbucks, it’s like we never missed a beat.  I could have talked to her for hours. 

I’ve been very very blessed with great girlfriends, and that includes moms, sisters, and cousins too.  I have a chamber in my heart exclusively for them.  Food and drinks unite us and make our hearts swell and spill over to one another.  For me, I’m united with my girlfriends over a good Thai lunch in a sketchy location, or high tea nested in an antique shop, or a good lemon cupcake, or wine & cheese plates, or spicy potato filled dosas, or the famous Espresso Rocket Shake from Metro Coffeebar in Austin.

I ask you to reach FAAAR into your past and send them a facebook message telling them what you remember about them.  It won’t take long and I bet you’ll be the highlight of their week.

Cheers to reconnecting!

Espresso Rocket Shake, Re-created
Serves 2
(I don’t know what the exact proportions are, but this worked for me)
This recipe is inspired by a favorite treat that my 2 best friends and I would indulge in when we were in college.  We would go to Metro Coffeebar* on Guadalupe in Austin to study.  But instead, we would stay up really late and talk, gossip, laugh, and cry.  And now we have to stay friends because we have too much dirt on each other. 
If you don’t try this, you are missing out!
Metro Coffeebar is now closed.  🙁
1 banana, peeled and halved
6-8 oz. good quality chocolate ice cream
1/2 cup espresso
1. Blend in a blender.
2. Taste with a spoon.
3. Adjust (with more banana, ice cream or espresso) if desired.
4. Serve.