About Me

Amee Shah Meghani

This is not my car.  But I wanted to pretend it was.

There’s nothing so interesting here.  My life is no Game of Thrones, just so you know.

I grew up with close supervision from both parental units and even closer supervision from my big sister.  My parents are immigrants from India and they are amazing people.  My mom was a stay-at-home mom and taught us about traditions (both eastern and western) and always kept me and my sister in the kitchen cooking, helping, cleaning, hanging out, whatever.  We spent most of our time in the kitchen serving as child labor.  She always introduced us to new foods, even foods she hadn’t tried before.  Now that we’ve grown older, we still call mom asking her how to make this or that.  And now she even calls us to ask for our recipes.  My father, on the other hand, is never to be found in the kitchen unless he’s there to ingest or to repair an appliance.  He’s a bookworm, engineer, traveler, and an excellent taste-tester.   He has been known to be the dish washer in recent years.  Yay, dad!  On a side note, my parents send greeting cards for EVERY occasion and always write a very thoughtful note in every single one.  So, I can’t ever throw them away…

My sister and I were not raised vegetarian, but out of respect for our parents, we did not bring meat in the house.  We only ate meat if we went out to eat or went to a birthday party or something like that.  It wasn’t until I was an adolescent that I started to eliminate meat from my diet.

I went on to college and got a degree in Mechanical Engineering and let that be the death of my lifetime education. No more. How do you med students do it?

And then after college, I completely gave up all meat.  I was in a vegetarian trial period until I met my husband, who is a long-time vegetarian.

Now I support 3D modeling software. blahblahblah Are you asleep yet?  This is getting to be a snoozer right?  If there was a Barbie to represent my occupation, it would be this one, except that I’m a little less Nordic.  If you saw the link, apparently, there are 125 jobs better than mine??  What???  I do need to get myself some hot pink Tina Fey glasses, however.  That might up my game you know?

After a day’s work, I come home and cook, but I do not cook an extravagant 3-course meal.  Who has time for that?  I am all about good food at lightning speed.  I’ll take shortcuts and tricks when I can and I promise to share them with you.  I also promise that I only share what I think is really really good and/or something I would and have repeated in my kitchen.  Our diet consists of mostly whole grains and vegetables and fruits.  And Cheetos.  I am really really good at making one-pot meals and soups because they involve less work.  🙂  If possible, bring your family into the kitchen while you work.  Get them involved and interested and behind the scenes, your kids may not realize that you’re building a better relationship with them.  I might also add that I know nothing about parenting.

Most of the foods I make are attached to some kind of memory and if it’s interesting enough, I’ll try to share these memories with you.  I hope you too are creating and recalling some memories of your own as you cook.

I am not carb-shy, but I do try to limit the tofu and the processed faux meats, but hey, even vegetarians need some cheat-days.

If you have any questions or requests, please email me at rabbitfoodrocks@gmail.com.  Only you can make me a better cook/blogger!

AND if you’ve tried anything on my blog, please post a comment with your feedback and/or suggestions!

I hope you find entertainment and inspiration at rabbit food rocks.  Thanks for allowing me into your kitchen.